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BBC InvestorAid

BBC Construction is constantly seeking to form connections with real estate investors around Maryland and the District through our investor friendly program, BBC InvestorAid. Including benefits such as lower reparation costs and advising, we strive to form a lifelong and profitable partnership with you as we transcend into the journey of building wealth through the vehicle of real estate. As real estate investors ourselves, we understand the importance of accurately assessing costs on renovations as well as masterfully controlling costs to maximize profit, whether it be a rehab or a rental property. If you are interested in participating, fill out the form below so we can assess if you are a right fit for our program.

“Fernando just saved me from a $335K mistake of a house.

There were some looming questions after a home inspection on a house that I was under contract to purchase, and it was recommended I call in a contractor for estimates. Because of the tight schedule I had with the sale, I had 2 days in which to get someone to come give me an estimate for repairs. My agent recommended BBC, and after calling with them Fernando was able to come out the next evening.

Within 15 minutes of being there, he identified several issues (that the inspector had also pointed out), and went down to the crawl space to look at some other issues I had questions on. Within a few minutes, he emerged with a detailed explanation of the issues and did not beat around the bush with telling me that I did not want this particular house due to some severe structural issues we had been questioning, and that the repairs would not be feasible.

I appreciated his willingness to come out on short notice, his honesty and bluntness about the house.”

-David H. North Bethesda, Maryland