Why Work With Us

Get the job done right. Once.

Be rest assured, we know the process, and we’ll get it right every time. Years of repetition and execution have honed our skills and allow us to go the extra mile in quality and service.

Communication? Our strength. 

Customers expect replies within minutes, not hours. Whether it be a Yelp Direct Message, or a text, we’re always on it. Expect prompt response times and quick answers to all your questions. When it comes to your project or job, we believe its your right to be in the know at all times-no matter what.

We never walk away from the job.

We’ve heard just about every horror story in the book about bad and greedy contractors. Some collect payment and are never heard from again, and others ditch the job site altogether in the middle of a project. BBC Construction has and will always see the project all the way through, prioritizing customer input and always delivering on our high quality guarantee.

Licensed and Insured.

Licensed in D.C. and Maryland. Don’t settle for less. Period. 

Give us your biggest and best.

Here at BBC, no job is too big or small, but we love to take on challenges. Whether it’s that new deck you want for the cookout this summer, or that addition you’ve been wanting since last fall, let us know; we aren’t going anywhere.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!